9 Best Hamster Chew Toys

Hamsters are small animals, but they have big personalities. They are active, curious, playful, and very interested.

Many people think that these small rodents don’t need much care, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Even for a small hamster, a cage can get pretty dull. But with the right hamster toys, you can change that.

We’ll tell you about some safe, fun toys that your pet will love.

We have everything your pet needs, from wood chews for hamsters to chew sticks and mineral blocks.

We’ll also give you some tips on how to make your own hamster chew toys if you’re a crafty pet owner.

The Squeaks & Nibbles team chose all of these products carefully and on their own.

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Why Do Hamsters Need to Chew?

People often think of hamsters as animals that don’t need much care, but they have natural instincts that their owners should try to support.

.One of their natural instincts is to chew on things around them.

This is fun for both domesticated and wild hamsters, and it also helps keep their teeth clean, healthy, and at a good length for them.

Chew toys can also keep pets from getting bored, which is a common reason why they try to get out of their cages.

So, when you give your hamster the right things to chew on, it’s a win for both of you.

The benefits of hamster chew toys

It’s important to keep your pet healthy and happy by giving him enough things to do.

Chew toys are a great way for hamsters to work out both their bodies and their minds.

Hamsters can chew for hours if they have the right things to chew on.

Their teeth get stronger, their brains get stronger, and their jaw muscles get stronger.

What can I give my hamster to chew on?

This book will tell you how to do that!

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying my Hamster a Chew Toy?

You should always give your hamster more than one toy that it can chew on.

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Different sizes and textures are important because they give you the variety you need to keep from getting bored.

Different tastes are also quite vital. Luckily, it’s easy to find chews that taste like many different things.

As long as you give your hamster a lot of different things to chew on, they won’t get bored.

Say goodbye to the days when they chewed on the bars of their cage because they’ll be too busy to do this.

Choosing hamster chew toys

Hamster toys come in all shapes, sizes and materials.

Good chew toys for hamsters are strong, easy to clean, and have different textures so your little nibbler doesn’t get bored.

Since they like to try new things, you can give your little guy different things to chew on.

And switch them up often to keep things fresh.

It’s a good idea to let your hamster play outside of its cage every day so it can get used to a different place.

This can be done by giving the hamster a playpen full of toys.

But you should still keep an eye on them.

Dwarf hamsters are like little Houdini pets because they are so small and can fit through the smallest cracks.

Take a look at our list of the top chew toys that are suitable for all domestic breeds of hamsters. Your hamster is going to go crazy for the chew toys and tasty goodies that are included on this list. 1.

1. Sharllen Apple Sticks

If you care a lot about organic products and safety in general, you will love this product almost as much as your hamster will.

These sticks are 6 inches long and made from apple wood branches. They are 100% organic, contain no pesticides, and taste great.

Give your hamster a sweet treat that makes their teeth stronger, and then watch as they chew their little hearts out.

If your hamster likes these tasty little sticks, you can buy them in large quantities. Sharleen sells these apple sticks in packages that range in size from 100 grammes to 500 grammes.

Since the sticks are all different sizes, they are sold by weight rather than by the number of sticks in a package.

2. Kaytee Perfect Chews

Are you looking for a chew toy that is fun, colourful, and will keep your hamster busy for hours while also helping to strengthen its teeth?

Kaytee makes a chew toy that can be hung up in almost any wire cage and is great for Syrian hamsters.

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This toy has different levels and textures, and it’s made to be thrown away once your hamster has eaten it.

3. Niteangel Grass Balls

Niteangel has become known as a top brand of natural, safe products for hamsters. Grass balls for all sizes of hamsters are one of the many great things they sell like this.

These toys are all-natural and can be played with and chewed on.

They are made without metal or glue from seagrass, water hyacinth, and rattan. Only their own natural materials are used to make them.

Many owners like to put a treat inside each ball to reward their hamsters for working hard.

4. Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler

The Nut Knot Nibbler is another great tool from the Kaytee brand. This toy is made of many non-toxic wooden rods that are put together in a complicated way to give your furry friend a challenge.

At the centre of the toy is an almond, which is the perfect treat for a hamster who takes care of its teeth.

The toy is brightly coloured, but you can rest easy knowing that the wood is natural and safe for your hamster to chew on.

As they chew on the toy and get closer to the almond inside, they will love pushing and rolling it around.

5. SuperPet Lava Chews

Sometimes it’s good to change things up to keep from getting bored and to add some variety.

These SuperPet Lava Chews are a great alternative to wooden chews. These lava stone triangles are made from actual volcanic lava and taste great!

Three chews come in a package with three different tastes:

  • Chin-a-min
  • Spear-a-munch
  • Winter grind

This three-pack has a lot of variety and everything you or your hamster could want in a chew toy.

Each triangle has a hole already drilled in it, so you can put it on a kabob or some other kind of hook.

Even if you just let your hamster push them around their cage, they make great chew toys.

6. Alfie Pet Chew Charm

This hanging string of mineral blocks provides essential benefits to your health, including minerals that help to promote water consumption and overall health.

The 8-inch dangling charm toy provides endless hours of entertainment and teeth-strengthening benefits that you and your hamster will love.

You can hang the chew as it is intended, but plenty of hamsters enjoy dragging the toy around their cage instead.

Give your pet the benefit of salt and other valuable minerals and the fun of a durable chew that will keep them munching.

7. Pawliss Teeth Grinding Rocks

These squares made of natural lava rock are a great way to give your hamster something new to do. You can give all six at once or one at a time.

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They come in packages of six. The natural rocks are great not only for grinding teeth but also for smoothing down hamsters’ sharp nails.

The rocks are also small and light, so your hamster can easily move them around their cage by pushing, rolling, or tossing them.

Even though these are useful chews, hamsters can also play with and enjoy them. Hamsters need stimulation and fun just as much as we do.

8. Pranovo 6-Pack Wooden Chewing Toys

“Different things make life interesting.” And this Pranovo product is full of different things. Your hamster will have hours of fun with six different chewing toys made from natural wood that hasn’t been treated with pesticides. These toys will also help keep your hamster’s teeth healthy.

The natural, untreated pine in these toys is safe and healthy for hamsters to chew on. They are also fun for hamsters of all sizes.

Your hamster won’t even know that they’re taking care of their teeth by playing. All they’ll know is that they’re having a great time!

9. Niteangel Natural Chew Rings

Niteangel makes sure that all of its products are healthy and safe, and this is true of their natural chew rings as well as everything else they sell.

Seagrass and unpeeled willow are woven together to make rings that look a lot like Niteangel’s ball toys (mentioned above).

Like the other products from this brand, these natural chew rings don’t have any pesticides, glue, or metal in them.

This leaves only natural, healthy things that are great for chewing and playing with. Your hamster will love to push and roll these around, which will help their teeth wear down naturally.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying my Hamster a Chew Toy?

You should always include more than one chewable toy in your hamster’s environment. Different sizes and textures are important, as they provide the variety that will kill boredom before it begins.

Different tastes are also quite vital. Fortunately, it is easy to find chews that achieve a wide array of flavour profiles!

As long as you provide a full array of options for your hamster to chew on, you’ll never see them bored.

Say farewell to the days of chewing on the bars of their cage – they’ll be too occupied to bother with this bad behaviour.


Chewing is important for the health of a hamster as a whole.

It helps keep their teeth healthy, relieves boredom, and stops them from doing things that could be dangerous, like chewing on their cages.

It is just as important to give hamsters things to chew on as it is to give them food, water, and sand to play in. You can also help by giving the hamster some healthy treats.