11 Best Toys for Your Hamsters

Do you have a pet hamster that you love almost as much as you love your own kids? Hamsters are charming critters and the perfect pets.

If you want your hamster to stay happy and healthy, then you should absolutely be investing in toys for your little fur pals.

Just like most pets, hamsters are creatures of the wild. They are acclimated to a specific way of life, but that is changed when they enter into a human’s home.

Even if they are bred in labs, they do have innate inclinations in their DNA.

The biggest adjustment they have to endure is the lack of activity in domestic locations compared to the wild, and also the changed habitat overall.

Hence, it is important that you equip them with toys that will keep them active and give them a feel of their natural habitat.

If you don’t know where to begin shopping for toys for your beloved hamster, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about hamster toys.

Why Do Hamsters Need Toys?

If you have or plan to get a hamster as a pet, you may already know that it’s important to give them lots of things to do to keep them busy.

There are a few different reasons why hamsters need toys. They like having new places to explore, and some of the climbing frames and other similar toys can add more interesting places to explore in their cage.

You might already know that hamsters like to chew. Their teeth stay strong and healthy when they chew, and they love to chew on toys. Many of the toys listed in this article are fine for hamsters to chew on as much as they want.

Even hamsters need to move around, and running around their cage may not be enough.

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This need can be met by giving your hamster more exercise toys, like wheels and exercise balls, but make sure it doesn’t run away.

Choosing The Best Toys For Hamsters

There are a lot of different shapes and sizes of toys for hamsters.

If you have a dwarf hamster that only grows to be a few inches long, for example, you’ll need an exercise wheel with a smaller diameter than one made for a Syrian hamster, which can grow to be over a foot long.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to buy an exercise wheel so small that a Syrian couldn’t run in it. If you do this, the hamster will run with its back arched, which could be bad for its health in the long run.

Let’s learn more about the different kinds of toys that hamsters can play with. There are more toys than just the typical exercise ball, after all.

Benefits Of Toys For Hamsters

Here are some of the benefits of hamster toys.

  1. Exercise: If your pet were living in its natural habitat, it would be running around to hunt its food. However, living as a pet, hamsters don’t usually get enough exercise. With suitable toys, it can engage in regular exercise to improve its health.
  2. Activity: Hamsters are crepuscular, meaning they remain active during twilight. Thus, when you are not around to play, these toys will come in handy for the pet.
  3. Health Check: Your hamster’s incisors need to be checked to prevent them from growing excessively. Chewable toys can keep the teeth in place and level them out.

11 Best Hamster Toys For Your Pet Buddy

1. Niteangel Hamster Suspension Bridge Toy

This bridge toy is made of hardwood sticks that are strung together by two flexible metal wires. The wires can bend into different shapes, like a climbing ladder, a divider for sand, or a bed.

The bridge toy can be used as decor and helps your hamster exercise, which improves their balance and coordination.

It’s strong, easy to put together, and safe to chew on. This bridge toy can also be used by mice, rats, gerbils, sugar gliders, and other small animals.

2. Rounder Dwarf Hamster House

This DIY hamster house saves space and is easy to put together. Your pet can play, sleep, and pack its bedding around and inside the house.

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The house set is made of high-quality, non-toxic, natural wood and has two holes for the hamster to see outside.

The set comes with a rainbow house, a fitness circle, and a rainbow bridge. It’s easy to clean, good for the environment, and doesn’t smell.

3. Jetec Hamster Hammock Soft Bed

The two-pack of hamster beds comes with a banana hammock and a pineapple bed. The hammocks can be hung in a cage using the rings that come with the beds.

They can be used for mice, guinea pigs, cavies, and other small pets. The bed house is made of thick, strong, soft, and hard-to-break material.

4. Xqw Hamster Track Toys

Different track toys from Xqw can make your pet jump around with joy. You can put together different ways for the hamster to walk or run.

They are made of ABS plastic, which is strong and safe because it is non-toxic.

The toys are brightly colored and have two toy hamsters. They can be bumped and dropped without breaking.

5. Vczone Small Pets Play Toys

The pack has one apple tree branch cake, one bell roller, one watermelon ball, one dumbbell, one small bell roller, one square molar block with a rope, one-star rattan ball, one rattan ball, four pine balls, one grass ball, and 50g of apple sticks.

These toys are made from high-quality wood, are safe for the environment, and won’t rust.

6. Katumo Bunny Chew Toys

These chew toys are safe, natural, and made by hand from natural applewood sticks. They can keep your pet’s teeth from getting hurt and help them grow in a healthy way.

The roughage is good for digestion and helps reduce inflammation in the gut. These toys are good for the environment and will keep your hamster busy for a long time.

The set comes with a water grass ball, a willow sepak takraw, a water hyacinth ball, four square grass brick biscuits, four timothy hay balls, and 50g of applewood chew sticks.

7. Skylety Hamster Toys

The five-piece set comes with a two-story hamster house, a rainbow bridge, a seesaw, an exercise circle for hamsters, and a swing.

These toys are made from high-quality wood-plastic panels and are waterproof, durable, and safe. They can be used as cage accessories.

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The edge of the wood board is polished, smooth, and rounded to keep your pet safe.

8. BBjinronjy Hamster Chew Toys

These chew toys are durable and good for the environment because they are made of apple branches and rough wood.

These are fun toys for your hamster to play with. They are made for small pets. The set has a seesaw, a swing, a wooden ladder bridge, a bell roller, an apple branch molar string, a grass carrot toy, a unicycle, a rattan ball, and more.

These toys can be bent into different shapes to keep your pet busy.

9. Suwikeke Chew Toys

The pack comes with 15 different things: a 30g apple branch, a grass carrot, 30g sweet bamboo, a rose flower ball, a heart-shaped timothy grass cake, a calendula grass ball, a heart-shaped calendula cake, a timothy grass cake, a grass carrot, and more.

These long-lasting toys are made from 100% natural materials and help stop inflammation caused by teeth that are too big. They keep your hamster’s mouth clean and help keep its stomach healthy.

10. Miumiupop Hamster Chew Toy

The natural wood and materials that are safe for food are used to make the toy. It helps your hamster grind its teeth and clean them, which is good dental care.

Your pet can play with the toy by moving the colored blocks around. It makes your pet more agile, which keeps it from getting fat and keeps it healthy.

11. Elipark Small Animal Activity Toy Hamster House

This pack comes with four things for your hamster: a hamster bridge, a block with a rope, a hamster house, and a dumbbell.

The toys are made of two flexible metal wires that can be bent and moved into different shapes.

It has a wooden ladder made of hardwood sticks that can be shaped into a divider for sand, a bed, a climbing ladder, and more.

12. Hideaway Grass Hut

This all-natural toy is another great option for creating an enticing nest for your hamster.

This is certainly a cool hamster toy! The 11-inch sisal tassel hut has two openings that may double as “windows” for extra hamster-watching entertainment!