15 Cutest White Rabbit Breeds

You’ll see that rabbits are marked differently and can be found in a rainbow of hues.

This article, however, is limited to white rabbit breeds, some of which are simply variants of existing breeds.

Numerous white rabbit breeds exist, each with its own unique personality and needs.

The conventional white albino rabbit may have red eyes, but you may also find ones with blue and black eyes, which give them a friendlier appearance.

We present to you ten distinct white rabbit breeds, and we hope you enjoy learning about them.

15. Hulstlander Rabbit

Its short, white fur is quite glossy, and its eyes are a faint blue.

They are a breed of dog that originated in Holland in the 1970s, and they are known as Hussies.

The largest of these dogs weighs around 5 pounds, and has broad shoulders, enormous ears, and a thick coat.

Fun-loving and inquisitive, this breed isn’t well-suited to life in the home because of its tendency to panic and hide when it feels threatened or anxious.

They can do harm to themselves or their caretaker if they become afraid while being held because of their size and strength.

14. White Vienna Rabbit

This fluffy white bunny with gentle blue eyes was crafted by an Austrian guy.

Being both easy to breed and a high-quality meat rabbit, they are a European favourite.

This breed can be found in the show ring as well as the fur trade due to its fine, white coat.

Because of their mild demeanour and easygoing nature, White Viennas can make wonderful companions for families with older children.

13. New Zealand White Rabbit

These rabbits are albino, carrying the gene that makes them white. They have vivid ruby-red eyes and a white, fluffy coat.

Though they’re known as New Zealand lambs, they were actually created by American breeders by combining the characteristics of Belgian Hares and Flemish Giants.

Because of their multipurpose utility, they were bred to have a strong, well-proportioned build for the purposes of meat, fur, and exhibition.

Their background in shows means they are tame and friendly even when young.

12. American White Rabbit

In 1917, California breeders changed the name of what was then known as the German Blue rabbit to the American Rabbit.

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When a second, white variety was created in 1925, the original German name was altered to American. Maintaining the white variety’s smooth, soft fur requires regular brushing.

Adults can weigh 9-11 pounds and have ruby eyes and tapering ears.

The majority of this breed’s production goes toward commercial meat and fur as well as for the show ring, although they can make fine pets despite being notoriously nervous and biting when they’re frightened.

11. Florida White Rabbit

Even though this breed was initially produced in Florida for laboratory purposes, it has found its way into the meat and fur trades.

White with pink eyes, they weigh between 4 and 6 pounds when fully grown.

They have a compact body with firm flesh, small bones, small heads and small feet, excellent feed-to-meat conversion, and a nearly 65% meat-to-bone ratio. This means there is very little waste in processing.

These rabbits, which are quite similar to the New Zealand White Rabbit, can make wonderful pets if they are introduced to children and other animals at an early age.

They’re mild-mannered and friendly, and, depending on the individual, they might be either sluggish or energetic.

10. Blanc De Termonde Rabbit

As its name suggests, this rabbit can only be considered legitimate in Belgium and the United Kingdom.

They have soft, white fur and pink eyes, making them look sophisticated and refined.

For obvious reasons, they were bred to be a source of meat, as their bodies are suited to eating such. Intelligent and jovial, this breed is a lot of fun.

Due to their placid nature, they can make excellent pets.

Due to their size, these rabbits are not suggested for first-time pet owners.

9. Dwarf Hotot Rabbit

These fluffy little critters have fluffy white fur and black eyes framed in black.

When fully grown, this kind of rabbit weighs just about 3.5 pounds, and when petted, its fur will stand on end.

Since they are social rabbits who thrive in human company, they are ideal companion animals for kids and grandparents alike.

Germany in the 1970s was the birthplace of the Dwarf Hotot. It’s a hybrid of White Hotots and Netherland Dwarfs.

8. Blanc De Hotot Rabbit

They resemble the Dwarf Hotot in that they are mostly white and have black around their eyes.

They can grow to be as heavy as 11 pounds, and their massive, muscly bodies were created in France for both eating and display.

Their guard hairs give their fur a gleaming white colour and a luxurious appearance.

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They are amiable toward other animals and have placid personalities, making them ideal household pets.

7. White Beveren Rabbit

This breed comes in a wide range of colours and patterns; you might find one with solid blue or black fur or one with blue eyes and white fur.

They’re big white rabbits with a dense coat of short fur.

The breed was brought to the United States from Belgium in the early twentieth century.

The Beveren rabbit is a curious creature that likes to hop around and see what’s new.

Because of their calm demeanour, they make excellent companions for older people.

However, they are not suggested as a pet for children because of their nervous nature.

6. Britannia Petite Rabbit

The Britannia Petite is a breed of rabbit that was originally imported to the United States at the turn of the century but may trace its ancestry back to Poland.

Even though white is the typical colour for this breed, several colours have been introduced since 1977.

This rabbit breed is not recommended for individuals looking for a calm pet, as they are quite active.

The miniature dogs have a weight limit of about 2.5 pounds and excel as display animals.

5. American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

When it comes to bunnies, the American Fuzzy Lop is up there with the cutest there is. This kind of rabbit looks like the Holland Lop, however, it is actually a wool breed more closely related to the Angora varieties.

In 1988, the American Rare Breeds Association (ARBA) officially recognised the Fuzzy Lop as a separate breed.

When fully grown, this species of rabbit is considered a dwarf and weighs only about three to four pounds.

Moreover, they are active and enthusiastic rabbits who love human company and playing with bunny toys, which only adds to their absurd cuteness.

The petite size, floppy lop ears, and thick fuzzy wool of this rabbit make it a desirable pet for those who can afford its higher price tag.

A white American Fuzzy Lop Bunny should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a pet rabbit to win the internet over with its adorableness.

4. Satin Angora Rabbit

When compared to other Angora breeds, the Satin Angora’s long, fine hair is even finer.

However, the Satin Angora’s longest guard hairs have a transparent casing around the inner hair, rather than the usual opaque casing. This is what gives the wool of Satin Angoras its coveted satin gloss.

The wool from Satin Angora rabbits is considered to be among the best of all rabbit varieties. The wool from Satin Angoras is harvested via shearing several times yearly.

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The lengthy hair in this breed requires combing at least once a week. The coat of a Satin Angora, if not properly cared for, can become matted and unattractive.

Due to their long, thick coats, these rabbits thrive best as outdoor rabbits in temperate locations; nevertheless, during the warmer summer months, you must take extra precautions to ensure that they don’t overheat.

These rabbits are medium to large in size, with an average adult weight of nine pounds. They are amiable and pleasant in manner

3. Satin Rabbit

The glossy sheen of the Satin Rabbit’s fur is easily recognisable.

The Satin Bunny, like other rabbits, has two distinct coats: a thicker guard hair that acts as a protective barrier against predators, and a shorter, denser undercoat that provides warmth.

The Satin Rabbit’s guard hairs, however, are see-through.

Light-reflecting off and through these longer, transparent guard hairs gives Satin its lustrous sheen. It creates a stunning visual impression.

It wasn’t until 1956 that the American Rabbit Breeders Association officially recognised the Satin Rabbit.

Medium to large in size, Satin Rabbits can gain up to nine pounds of weight on average. Their thick coats are one of their most striking features.

They can appear in a variety of hues, including white, which is easily distinguishable.

As a result of their gentle nature, even households with young children can benefit from having a Satin Rabbit as a pet.

2. Lionhead Rabbit

The Lionhead Bunny’s magnificent mane and easy-to-care-for qualities make it one of the most popular pet rabbits in the world.

When fully grown, this little rabbit develops a mane that looks like an adult lion’s and weighs only approximately 3 pounds.

In contrast to other woolly rabbit breeds, Lionheads have shorter fur elsewhere.

Lionhead rabbits are sociable and comical little critters.

They are entertaining to watch as they run and play, and if handled frequently as youngsters, they develop a fondness for having their human care for their mane.

1. French Angora Rabbit

A variety of hues, including white, of the French Angora rabbit, are recognised by the ARBA.

The French Angora, like all angora rabbit breeds, is prized for the luxurious fabrics that can be made from its hair due to its rich undercoat and fine silkiness.

This type of bunny has become a popular pet in addition to being bred for its hair, which is collected by combing or sheering a few times a year.

Adult French Angoras can weigh up to ten pounds, making them one of the largest (though not the largest) angora breeds.

The French Angora is distinguished from the English Angora, the Giant Angora, and the German Angora primarily by the lack of facial hair in both sexes.

Seeing their adorable looks is a great benefit for anyone who adores this breed.