Do Rabbits Cry? & Why Do They Cry?

Rabbits cry, but not usually in the way that we humans see it.

They are capable of crying real tears, but unlike humans, they need to be in an extreme state of anguish and despair in order to let the tears out.

Why Do Rabbits Cry?

Rabbits cry for four different reasons.

These include:

  • Extreme Hunger – This only really applies to baby rabbits.
  • Fear – Rabbits may cry out in terror if they see a predator, or they are taken by surprise. Extreme fear causes rabbits to cry because they think they are going to die.
  • Pain – Rabbits sometimes whimper and cry when in pain. For example, Urinary Tract Diseases might cause rabbits to cry when passing urine.
  • Death is Approaching – It’s more common for rabbits to ‘scream’ when approaching death. But some owners say they heard a soft, whimpering sound before their rabbit died.

Do Rabbits Cry Tears?

Rabbits do not produce tears when they cry. It’s true that rabbits do have tear ducts in their bottom eyelids, and the tear ducts help to drain excess moisture from the eyes.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that rabbits cry tears when they are hungry, scared, or in pain. Neither do they cry when experiencing other emotions, like loneliness.

How do rabbits show negative emotions?

Rabbits show emotions, negative or otherwise, in the form of sounds and body language, just like most animals.

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Why Do Baby Rabbits Cry Out?

Baby rabbits will sometimes cry out. The most common reasons for this are hunger and extreme fear.

Crying is normal to a certain extent, but if it continues for long periods of time, this would be concerning.

Do Rabbits Cry When They Die?

It is quite common for rabbits to make noises when death is approaching. Sometimes, rabbits scream just before death, and this noise can be very upsetting.

Although less common, some owners also report hearing whimpering or soft grunting just before a rabbit’s death.