17 Best Hamster House Ideas

Hamsters are cute little pets, and it’s fun to watch them run about in their cages, but they need their own space, too!

Because of their nocturnal lifestyle, both bright lights and loud noises might frighten them.

Your hamster will appreciate having his own private space in a hamster house.

Add some personality and charm to your hamster’s cage with a hamster house.

Here are 17 cute suggestions that will have you running to the store immediately.

1. Bwogue Two Story Play House 

This is a great choice since your hamster can use the ramp to reach a cozy little room with a food dish, or he may utilize the platform to explore his surroundings and play.

Additionally, the first level can be used as a bedroom if necessary.

Your hamster will like this hiding and playhouse combo, and since it is made of wood, it may be chewed to its heart’s content.

2. Kaytee Natural Tree Hideout

This adorable refuge takes the form of a tree trunk and is available in two sizes.

Users said the little size was too small for their Syrian hamsters, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to buy one.

It’s heavier than your average igloo den, so it’s less likely to topple over if your hamster becomes too rowdy or tries to perch on the flat top to survey its surroundings.

3. LAAK Shell Shaped Ceramic Igloo

This is a great accessory for your hamster’s cage because of its adaptability. Having the form of a cute shell, it might be used as a cozy home for nesting birds.

Depending on your child’s preference, you can use it as a toilet, a sink, or a bathtub by simply adding some bath sand.

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Because it’s constructed of ceramic, it wipes clean in a flash; nevertheless, you should be wary of chips, as some ceramics are more delicate than others.

4. Green Farm Cabin

Attempting to give your hamster’s cage a country feel? This miniature log home will look great in any outdoor-themed room.

The chubbiest Syrian hamsters have found a home in it, and their owners are raving about how much their pets enjoy it.

It’s made of wood, which means it could be chewed, but it’s also of great quality and should last a long time.

This home would be perfect for wildlife or na ature-themed aviary.

5. Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture- Paul Hideout

This bunk bed–shaped hamster housing comes in blue, green, and pink and is ideal for your little boy.

It features a stairway to the upper ‘bed’ platform, where he can look out over his domain in supreme comfort.

When he needs to unwind or snooze due to exhaustion or pressure, he can.

6. Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture- Joel WPC Hideout

This adorable pink retreat, also by Alfie Pet, would be a wonderful addition to the home for your pet and the kids.

A pink ramp adorned with white letters serves as a pathway to a treat-dispensing tray.

Users have reported that their hamsters enjoy using this new refuge, gym, and feeding dish and that it frees up valuable space in the cage.

7. Petzilla Cute Hamster Hideout

Your hamster will feel right at home in this adorable small white cottage. Since it’s made of wood, your dog can chew on it and then just wipe it off.

In addition to providing your pet with a required and pleasant resting spot, the classic white picket fence design will give your pet’s cage a clean, fairytale appeal.

8. Sungrow Coconut Shell House

100% all-natural, this coconut shell house is an eco-friendly option for your furry friend.

There are no chemicals, toxins, or GMO components, so he can climb and chew to his heart’s content.

It is 14 to 16 inches and can easily fit a large Syrian or a couple of Robo can snuggle down inside.

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You can also hang it in your hamster’s cage, so he can have a sleeping area that is elevated that he has to reach by climbing.

9. Emours Natural Wooden Hut

This den is made entirely of wood and has two stories, so there’s plenty of areas to nest or store provisions.

The wooden training ramp may be folded up and stored out of the way when not in use.

The chewing motion does no harm to the product or your pet’s teeth and gums.

10. Wildgirl Adorable Cartoon Shape Hamster House

This adorable house is made of clay and comes in three different quirky shapes: a strawberry, a watermelon, or a bottle.

It’s beautiful and functional, making for a happy home for your hamster while you decorate.

Its simple maintenance means it’ll stay clean and healthy for your hamster.

The porcelain is also chilly, giving him a place to go when the weather gets too warm.

11. Cute Elk Hamster House

When it gets chilly, your pet can cuddle up in the warm fleece and hide in the pocket. If the heat or air conditioning is always blasting, this is the ideal solution.

Because hamsters will hibernate if it gets too cold, it is essential to provide them with a warm spot to retreat to.

Fabric’s inherent washability means it can be cleaned quickly and easily in the washing machine after any spills or stains.

Pig, giraffe, and crocodile versions of this hideout are also on offer.

12. Hamster Hideout House with Ladder

This adorable little hamster house is yellow and features a peephole window and a roof that can be removed for cleaning.

The ladder can either be left on the bottom of the cage for easy access, or it can be attached to the side of the cage so that your hamster can climb up and settle in for the night.

The roof is translucent, allowing you to peer inside as well.

If your pet is being very difficult and won’t come out, you can just unhook it and pull him out.

13. Alfie Pet by Patoga Castle Hideout

Do you want to add some fright to your hamster’s living quarters? Use this spooky castle to add some “Hammoween” flair to his kennel.

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From the castle’s vantage point, he can watch for attackers, ghosts, and other supernatural beings.

To put it another way, he has found the ideal area to set up residence and/or keep his secret food supply hidden. Since the roof is flat, he may easily ascend to the peak.

Users have noted that while it is adequate for dwarf hamsters, Syrian hamsters may find it too small.

14. Kaylee Igloo Hideout

This adorable igloo is a huge hit with reviewers. It is made from one solid piece of plastic that is both durable and simple to clean.

Your hamster can run around on the flat top. The house is available in a variety of sizes to ensure that you can find the perfect fit for your pet.

15. Rainbowroseus Hamster Hideout

Cute and cozy, your dwarf hamster will love this pink hamster castle.

The second level features a lovely balcony, and the house is designed with openings on both sides for tube attachments, making it easy for your friend to enter and exit the dwelling.

This house is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, as it will give your hamster a secure place to sleep and hide from inquisitive eyes while you are not around.

16. Niteangel Natural Wooden Castle

An adorable addition to any hamster’s cage, this wooden fortress comes fully assembled.

There are two levels, so he can use one to sleep and the other to stow away food and other goodies.

Because it’s made of wood, gnawing on it will actually help his teeth.

17. Niteangel Natural Living Tunnel Hamster House

What a wonderful place for hamsters! This house may be a touch bulky, but your pet will adore the extra space it provides.

Upstairs is one of three places he has to himself where he may escape the glare of the outdoors.

Your pet can climb and run about all day on the ramps and ladders and over the little wooden bridge.

Everything is made out of wood, so he may chew on it if he wants to.


Choosing a comfortable and functional home for your pet is a serious matter, but it should also be enjoyable for you.

If your cage is large enough, you can keep multiple of them. It’s for the best of your hamster’s health.