Everything About Albino Hamster

There are many kinds of hamsters, but the albino hamster is one of the ones that looks the coolest.

Albino hamsters stand out from the rest because their eyes are red and their fur is white.

Most people agree that they look cool, but a lot of people have questions about this interesting trend.

For example, you might wonder if it’s normal for albino hamsters to have red eyes, why they have red eyes in the first place, or even if the fact that they have red eyes makes them evil.

I’d also like to clear up some misconceptions about albino hamsters.

For example, a lot of people think that all white hamsters are albinos, which isn’t quite true.

Today, I’m going to answer all of your questions about albino hamsters, so let’s get started!

What are albino hamsters?

Albino hamsters are not that different from regular hamsters. They need the same care, eat the same food, and act pretty much the same way.

The only difference between them is how they look!

Albino hamsters are easy to spot because their fur is white and their eyes are red. This happens because one of their genes has changed in a way that makes them albinos.

Albinism means that these hamsters have very little or none of the pigment melanin. Melanin is what gives hair and eyes their color.

Because hamsters with albinism don’t have much (or any) melanin, their hair is white and their eyes are red.

But a white hamster doesn’t have to be an albino just because it’s white. More to come on that.

Are all white hamsters albino?

No, not at all. Albinism isn’t very common in hamsters. The majority of white hamsters are not albinos.

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As its name suggests, the winter white dwarf hamster is often white, but it is not an albino.

Winter white hamsters do have white hair, but they are not albinos because they don’t have the red eyes that make albinos stand out.

The same is true for a lot of other white-colored hamsters.

There are also leucistic hamsters. They look a lot like albino hamsters, but instead of being white in their eyes and hair, they are white only in their hair.

Because of this, hamsters with leucism are white, but their eyes are not red, so they are not albinos.

So, even though you might see a lot of white hamsters, they are not albinos unless their hair is white and their eyes are red.

If they don’t meet these two requirements, they are not albino hamsters.

Do the red eyes of albino hamsters mean they’re blind?

Albino hamsters don’t go blind, even though their eyes are red. They do, however, often see less well than regular hamsters. Albinos often have trouble seeing things in three dimensions.

This is because pigmentation in the eyes is important for seeing well.

Yes, it is possible for an albino hamster to be blind, just like it is possible for any other hamster to be blind.

If your albino hamster is blind, it is not because it is albino. Instead, it is because of something else.

Are albino hamsters rare?

Yes, hamsters with white fur are very rare. It would be hard to find an albino hamster in the wild, especially.

Even though the mutation is rare, albino hamsters have a hard time making it in the wild.

As was already said, they usually have trouble seeing, and the fact that they are white makes them stand out even more.

Because of this, it’s hard for them to hide from predators, which means they often become prey.

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Albino hamsters are a little more common in captivity, where they don’t have to worry about being eaten, but they are still very rare because the mutation that causes albinism doesn’t happen very often and is recessive.

Because of all of these things, it can be hard to buy an albino hamster.

There aren’t many breeders or pet stores that sell them, so if you really want one as a pet, it might take you a while to find one.

Albino hamster lifespan

In a home, an albino hamster lives for about the same amount of time as any other hamster, which is about 2 years.

Albinism makes their eyesight a little worse, they can’t hide from predators, and too much sun can hurt them.

But this is more of a worry for wild hamsters than for hamsters kept as pets.

Pet hamsters don’t have to worry about being eaten because humans keep them safe, so the fact that they can’t hide from predators and can’t see as well doesn’t shorten their lives.

Are hamsters with red eyes evil?

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No way, no how! Just because your hamster is albino and has red eyes because of a mutation, it doesn’t mean that they are bad.

In fact, studies have shown that the opposite might be true and that animals with red eyes (called albinos) are less aggressive than regular animals.

Caring for albino hamsters

Taking care of an albino hamster isn’t too different from taking care of a normal hamster.

They eat the same food, live the same amount of time, and have most of the same needs.

Taking care of an albino hamster is the same as taking care of a regular hamster.

Albino hamsters need:

A cage with enough space (minimum 24 x 12 x 12 inches, bigger is better)

  • An exercise wheel
  • Nutritious food in a food bowl
  • Bedding
  • Fresh water in a water bottle
  • Chew toys
  • A hamster house (hideaway)
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The only thing that you do really need to be careful of is that you keep your albino hamster away from the sun.

Albino hamsters do not have pigment or melanin to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays and because of that, they can get sunburnt very easily.

Albino Hamster Bedding

Use bedding to line the bottom of the hamster cage. You can use shredded newspaper or purchase hamster bedding at the pet store.

Hamsters like to borrow underneath the bedding, so add around 2 to 3 inches of it.

Cedar wood chips were once thought to be good hamster bedding but we now know that they can cause respiratory illness in these animals.

So never use cedar or any other type of scented bedding.

What is the Best Cage for the Albino Hamster

The hamster is not like other small animals that have to live in a cage. It can be happy almost anywhere.

They do well in a tank or cage. They don’t need heat lights or lamps, and they don’t need much care.

If you’re going to use a cage with wire mesh, make sure the animal can’t chew through the wire to get out.

The wire should be very strong, and the top of the cage should have a strong wire mesh lid.

The lid should snap on tightly so that the hamster can’t climb out of the cage and get away.

When you buy a hamster, you can also get a tube or a wheel for the animal to run on.

Hamsters like to move around, so put as many toys in the cage that they can play with as you can.

Remember that hamsters can chew through most plastic, so don’t give them plastic toys.