Do Rabbits Eat Bugs?

Yes, rabbits can eat but they would not intentionally eat an insect because they are herbivores who primarily eat grass and veggies.

A rabbit may eat a bug by mistake as many insects eat the same food as rabbits. A bug sitting on a leaf, for example, could be consumed.

A rabbit eating a small amount of bug is not a problem unless the bug is poisonous, in which case you need to take your bunnies to a veterinarian.

Do rabbits like the taste of insects?

No, rabbits don’t like the taste of insects and will only eat them either accidentally or when your bunnies are territorial.

Bunnies generally avoid eating insects like grasshoppers, spiders, and other insects, but they could accidentally eat small insects by accident.

Are There Any Kinds of Insects a Rabbit Can Eat? 

This is kind of a moot point since rabbits should not be eating insects

However, some insects and rabbits may share food sources, like plant leaves, bark, stem, edible flowers, fruits, etc. Thus, a rabbit may accidentally eat a bug that’s stationary and sitting on what the Rabbit considers as food. 

Risk of Rabbit eating insects

Poisonous insects

While small insects are not a danger to your Rabbit, there are a lot of poisonous insects out there like spiders, centipedes, and scorpions.

Be careful not to let your Rabbit wonder where a poisonous insect might be hiding.

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Another possible danger of ingesting insects by bunnies is diarrhea. Rabbits, being herbivores, cannot digest insects.


Parasites could also be passed on to your rabbits by an insect. Pest insects often contain parasites that can be passed on by either biting into another animal or by being ingested.

Should I go to the vet if my rabbits eat bugs?

You do not need to visit a vet unless your pet shows some concerning behavior or illness.

Many pet owners feel stressed when they see their bunnies eating bugs. However, bugs will not harm your pet. The stomach of your rabbit will pass it.

But there is no point in allowing your rabbit to eat insects. It is worth mentioning that some bugs might have infections. If your rabbit eats them, it might develop health issues.