Can Rabbits Swim?

Yes, Rabbits can Swim, but this doesn’t mean that they like to, or that they even should.

If a rabbit is in mortal danger then it will dive in and swim to safety. But having wet fur can be very unpleasant and even dangerous for a rabbit since they take such a long to dry.

You need only look at two breeds of wild rabbits to see that rabbits can most definitely swim: Swamp rabbits and marsh rabbits have both adapted to living in wet environments and regularly swim in their day-to-day lives.

Do Pet Rabbits Swim?

Pet rabbits have no reason to swim. Putting them into a garden pool or other body of water will do nothing more than distress them.

Much like their wild counterparts, the pet rabbits would be able to swim if it was essential but they certainly wouldn’t do it by choice.

Rabbits scare very easily, and the shock of being submerged in water may be too great for them.

It is entirely possible for a rabbit to have a heart attack as a result of this shock and lose its life.

Do rabbits enjoy swimming?

Some rabbits enjoy swimming and some don’t. Rabbits can swim however that doesn’t mean that they should always swim as rabbits tend to swim only when they are in danger.

If your rabbit enjoys swimming, for their safety, we recommend not to make them swim in anything deeper than a foot of water.

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Is it safe for rabbits to swim?

Swimming can be dangerous to a pet rabbit, specifically if they are put into a swimming pool; their undercoat soaks up water like a sponge. 

The feeling would be similar to what a rabbit feels as the water is absorbed into their wet fur.

It weighs them down, making it both difficult and exhausting for them to swim. Rabbit owners (or parents as we prefer) are better off keeping their pet rabbits away from the pool.

Does swimming provide health benefits for rabbits?

Swimming can provide health benefits for your rabbits if they are not afraid of water. It can be a good form of exercise.

However, if you are asking if rabbits like this activity or not, the answer is no. They only do it as a means of survival while trying to escape from a life-threatening situation. 

Therefore, do not make your rabbits swim. They do not like it and it may make stress or cause shock and paralyzing anxiety followed by death.