Can Rabbits Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Rabbits should never eat sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are not recommended for rabbits, although they are not directly toxic and will not hurt your rabbit in very small quantities.

If you have been giving your rabbit sweet potatoes, it’s best to stop offering this potentially dangerous treat. You don’t want to put your bunny’s health at risk.

It is generally better to avoid offering them to rabbits because they are high in starch and carbohydrates, and your rabbit doesn’t need either of these things.

What Makes Sweet Potato Bad For Rabbits?

Sweet potato, as the name suggests, has too much sugar in it to be good food for rabbits. Eating a lot of sweet potatoes could cause a condition known as GI stasis, which is where the rabbit’s digestive tract stops processing food properly.

The food then ferments in the rabbit’s guts, causing painful gas buildup. This condition can actually be fatal if it is not treated, so be wary of giving your rabbit foods that could contribute to it.

Sweet potato also contains more carbohydrates than a rabbit needs, so it can quickly cause weight gain, especially if your bunny spends a lot of time in a pen.

Don’t ever give an overweight rabbit sweet potato, as this could make the weight issue worse, and might make the rabbit very uncomfortable.

Can they eat their leaves and vines? 

Yes. rabbits can eat sweet potato vines and leaves. They have various vital nutrients including proteins, carbs, vitamin A, C, and B complex, and most of the minerals that their tubers have that we have listed above.

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What If My Rabbit Has Eaten Some Sweet Potato?

If your rabbit has eaten some sweet potato, don’t panic. It should be fine, especially if it has only eaten a small amount and therefore has consumed small quantities of sugar and carbohydrates.

If the rabbit has eaten a lot of sweet potatoes, you might notice digestive issues such as constipation or diarrhea arising in the following days. Make sure you give your rabbit lots of hay if this occurs, as hay is fibrous and will help to push the sweet potato harmlessly through the rabbit’s digestive system.

If you are worried that your rabbit has eaten a lot of sweet potatoes, you should call a vet, because serious digestive issues can be fatal to rabbits.

When can rabbits eat sweet potatoes?

In some cases, a vet may recommend you feed your rabbit small amounts of sweet potato, or another starch fruit, as a way of helping your rabbit gain weight if he’s having trouble packing on — or keeping on — the pounds