Can Rabbits Eat Guinea Pig Food?

YES. Rabbits and Guinea pigs have similar daily food intakes. Both of these pets are herbivores.

They need overall the same nutrition and a good diet for their daily intake. They need fresh hay as the main food source.

That’s why formulated guinea pig food contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential nutrition to guinea pigs.

It’s safe to give guinea pigs food occasionally. For long-term feeding, it’s really not safe to give guinea pig food to rabbits.

How much guinea pig food should you feed your rabbit?

You should feed your rabbit their normal amounts if substituting guinea pig food. Hay is the same for both guinea pigs and rabbits.

If you need to use guinea pig pellets, give your bunny about an egg cupful of pellets a day, just as you would with rabbit pellets.

Risk of feeding Guinea pig food to Rabbits.

Rabbits and guinea pigs have different nutritional needs, so feeding your rabbits guinea pig foods has risks if fed long term.

Here are some of the risks associated with feeding your rabbits large amounts of guinea pig food:

Kidney damage

Excess vitamin C in rabbits is shown to be converted to oxalates, which in turn may trigger the formation of kidney stones.

Rabbits are already making their own vitamin C, and feeding high amounts of additional vitamin C, like what guinea pig food has, can lead to the formation of kidney stones if fed long term.

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Here are the signs that your rabbit might be suffering from kidney stones caused by excess vitamin C:

  • Blood in the urine (hematuria)
  • Thick, pasty, cloudy, or beige-to-brown-colored urine.
  • Urine staining in the area between the anus and genitals.
  • Straining or pain during urination.


Diarrhea in rabbits is often caused by the wrong diet or when the diet is changed too fast. 

How Much Guinea Pig Food Can A Rabbit Safely Eat?

How much guinea pig food a rabbit can safely eat will depend on its age, size, health status, and quantity consumed.

That being said, a small amount should not cause any adverse side effects.


With such similar diets, it’s fine if you need to feed your rabbit guinea pig food for a day or two.

However, keep in mind that these small mammals have a few key differences in their dietary requirements.

Rabbits need a higher percentage of hay and a slightly smaller amount of vegetables and fruits than guinea pigs