Can Rabbits Eat Eggs?

No, Rabbits must not eat eggs. They are not designed to digest eggs because they are herbivores.

Eating and digesting eggs are not easy for rabbits. So, this is something that they should not frequently do.

Because rabbits can digest low-protein, high-fiber meals like grass, hay, and veggies.

Eggs can cause rabbits’ cholesterol levels to increase from 15 up to 30 times the normal, depending on how many eggs they have taken. 

Though this likely will not come as a surprise, it is worth mentioning that rabbits, as herbivores, should never be offered meat, eggs, or dairy.

If your rabbit happens to eat eggs, it can make him sick, and upset his stomach.

Rabbits can eat eggshells but they shouldn’t do so very often.

Eggshells are a great source of calcium which is crucial for bunnies especially when they are still growing.

If you did notice your rabbit accidentally ate eggs, call a veterinarian for proper advice.

Feeding lots of hay would help mitigate any adverse effects of eating eggs.

The extra fiber would help flush out those eggs in their system.

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