Can Rabbits Eat Apples?

Yes, rabbits can eat apples but in very small amounts, only as a treat. Rabbits love munching on a slice of apple. 

Are Apples Safe for Baby Rabbits?

Apples are not safe for baby rabbits because their digestive tracts are still developing. They are not going to be ready for solid food until they reach a certain age.

How To Give Rabbits Apples?

  • Wash the apple thoroughly
  • Cut the apple into small portions
  • Watch out for any reactions
  • Remove the core, seeds, and stems

Benefits of Apples for Rabbits

Apples contain the following essential nutrients, which are excellent for rabbit health:

  • Dietary Fiber. Fiber helps improve gut health and allows rabbits to produce healthy feces. A diet rich in fiber can also help fight heart disease.
  • B-complex vitamins (vitamin B-6, thiamin, and riboflavin). These improve the nervous system and red blood cell health. According to the Journal of Nutrition, vitamin B-6 deficiency in rabbits can lower their growth rate, cause scaly skin over the years, convulsions, mild anemia, and sudden paralytic collapse in severe cases.
  • Phytonutrients. These compounds fight free radical damage and infections.
  • Calcium. Promotes stronger teeth and bones in rabbits.
  • Potassium. Rabbits need potassium for maximum growth.

How often feed Apple to Your Rabbit?

You can feed your rabbit an apple in very small amounts, one or two slices. Also, it should be given rarely, once a week. 

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Why Shouldn’t Rabbits Overeat Apples?

  • Apples are highly acidic and rich in plant sugar. The high acidic content makes apples damaging to a rabbit’s teeth.
  • Because apples have high sugar content, they can lead to digestive issues and obesity in rabbits.
  • Rabbits produce vitamin C naturally in their bodies. Too much vitamin C in a rabbit’s diet can contribute to kidney damage.
  • Rabbits have delicate stomachs and too much fruit in a rabbit’s diet can contribute to stomach aches and diarrhea.

Can Rabbits Eat Apple Seeds And Stems?

Apple stems and apple seeds shouldn’t be fed to a rabbit. The stems and seeds of apples contain poisonous compounds, called cyanogenic glycosides.

Can Rabbits Eat Apple Skin?

Yes, Apple skin is the most nutritious part of an apple for rabbits. Most of the fiber and antioxidants in apples are found in their skin.