Can Rabbit Go Out in the Rain?

In mild rain, your bunny should be just fine spending a little time in the rain.

As soon as you bring him inside, dry him with a towel and wrap him in a blanket to make him dry and warm.

But, avoid allowing your bunny to roam in downpours and storms. This can cause hypothermia, which can be fatal.

If the rabbit does get wet it should be completely dried off before being put back in a hutch to prevent them from getting too cold.

Do Rabbits Like Being Out In The Rain?

Yes, they do!

Rabbits show different types of emotions like being happy, angry, and excited, and moreover, they seem to have more complex emotions when the temperature gets down a little in the weather.

How Rabbits Survive in The Rain?

Rabbits are more resistant to the cold than they are to the extremely high temperatures of the summer.

Rabbit fur has two properties that help them to stay warm in the cold and rain.

What is the danger of rain for rabbits?

The main danger of rain for rabbits is them getting too cold – hypothermia.

But remember that a comfortable temperature for rabbits is lower than that for humans – they are designed for colder weather.

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And their fur acts like a waterproof coat which helps protect them from both the rain and the cold.

If a rabbit has the choice of getting indoors and somewhere warmer, then just like us they will move inside if they are getting miserable outside.

What to do if your bunny is wet?

If your bunny has got too wet, then lightly toweling them dry is the main recommendation.

Be careful about moving them straight from a really cold, wet environment to a hot environment and then back out in the cold – the dramatic changes in temperature can be stressful.

Can Rabbits Die If They Get Wet? 

Sadly, yes; if rabbits get wet, they can die. This is due to either shock or hypothermia, typically.

Avoid this tragic ending by keeping your bun nice and dry, or with a proper, rabbit-safe bath rather than the risky alternative. 

Rabbits can get wet… but only sometimes. Most of the time this should be avoided at all costs.

Rabbits take pride in keeping their space, and themselves, tidy. So there is no need for them to bathe.