Can Hamsters Eat Oats?

Yes! All types of hamsters can eat oats, you just need to know how to feed them to your hamster.

Hamsters will love oats, and they will love you for giving oats to them. But you still have to make sure it is made right and given in the right amounts. This will help keep their health safe.

Make sure that the oats are:

  • Plain – Not sweetened, serve it by yourself!
  • Unsalted – Salt is extremely dangerous for your pet.
  • Unsweetened – No sugar or artificial sweeteners.

You should give them a small amount before feeding them the amount I recommend. This is to see if they actually like oats, as every hamster is different!

The amount of oats that you can give them depends on their breed. 

The Syrian hamster is larger than Robos and Dwarfs, and therefore Syrian hamsters can eat the most oats! You should give them around a teaspoon of the week, alongside their other treats. 

Dwarf hamsters, including Chinese, Campbell, and Russian hamsters, are much smaller than the average hamster. They can eat oats, however, it should be a tiny amount every week.

Oats can be nutritious, and delicious for your hamster.

Antioxidants – These protect your hamster against some of the threats of aging, such as cancer!

Dietary Fibres – These benefit your hamster’s digestive system.

Manganese – This is required for the normal functioning of your hamster’s brain and nervous system.

Protein – This gives your hamster lots of benefits, including increased muscle strength!

Some of the risks of giving your hamster too many oats are:

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Digestive Problems: Too many oats have been known to make people bloated, so you should be careful not to give your hamster too many oats.

Nutritional issues: Oats don’t contain all of the nutrients that your hamster needs. Therefore, you should give them a varied diet and not feed them too many oats.

You still need to ensure that you don’t overfeed oats to your hamster though.

Avoid oat milk, but you can feed porridge, cooked oats, and rolled oats to your hamster