Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pumpkin?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat pumpkin. Pumpkin contains vital nutrients such as vitamins C and A, but due to sugar, it needs to be regulated. Only feed your guinea pig fresh and raw pumpkin parts.

Just remember feeding guinea pigs pumpkin should be occasional and as a tasty and nutritious treat.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Pumpkin?

Most guinea pigs like the softer, tender inside of the pumpkin. Many guinea pigs don’t tend to favor the outer thin skin of the fruit.

How To Serve Pumpkin to a Guinea Pig?

Serve only fresh, raw pumpkin to your pet guinea pig

Begin by washing the pumpkin thoroughly as you’ll need to remove any bacteria, pesticides, or other chemicals that may have been placed on the pumpkin.

Then, you’ll want to cut off and discard the thick stem.

You don’t have to peel the pumpkin but if you have a pickier piggie that eats around the skin then you can peel it if you feel compelled.

Cut the pumpkin into thin slices or small bite-sized cubes.

You may want to remove the seeds present for the sake of tidiness or pickiness.

Risks overfeeding Pumpkin to Guinea Pigs

  • Urinary Problems Sadly, the amount of calcium in pumpkin is too high for the guinea pigs because, in large amounts, it causes them urinary problems. 
  • Digestion Pains and Diarrhea The sugar in the pumpkin is not the best nutrient for the guinea pigs because it will cause them painful digestion, especially if it’s served in large amounts
  • Choking Pumpkin seeds are sharp and inflexible, hard to chew, and get stuck in the mouth and throat of guinea pigs. This can be a major choking hazard for them.
  • Scurvy (caused by lack of vitamin C) in guinea pigs is highly dangerous. Scurvy, a fatal disease for these little pets, reduces their appetite, causes loose stool, damages their fur, and causes internal bleeding.
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How Much Pumpkin Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

It’s healthy to give them up to 2-inch cubes of fresh pumpkin per week. Adults shouldn’t eat more than 2 inches of pumpkin a week.

Can Guinea Pigs Have Pumpkin Every Day?

Guinea pigs shouldn’t eat pumpkins every day. They need only hay and water every day, so you need to regulate the frequency of other fruits and vegetables.

What Part of a Pumpkin Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

  • Guinea pigs can’t eat baked pumpkin seeds or dried pumpkin seeds.
  • Guinea pigs can eat pumpkin skin or pumpkin peel, but only in moderation.
  • Guinea pigs can eat pumpkin guts or pumpkin pulp because it has many beneficial nutrients for them. 
  • Guinea pigs can eat pumpkin flesh as well. That’s the part they will enjoy the most.
  • Guinea pigs can eat pumpkin flowers, and they are completely safe for them and even for humans.
  • Guinea pigs can eat pumpkin leaves but only in minimal amounts and not too often.
  • Guinea pigs can eat the pumpkin stem, but a better option would be pumpkin leaf stems.